(Editor’s note: If you missed Carlos and his band at their amazing “Sold-Out” Denver concert last March, now is your chance to see this dynamic artist bring the house down. His band will include his energetic brother Xurxo (“George”) on percussion and guitar/strings wizard Pancho Alvarez. Special guest Stephanie Cadman will bring her extraordinary tap/step dancing and fiddle playing from her Canadian hometown region- the Ottawa Valley! (With the help of you and your friends, Stephanie could lead the longest Celtic Conga line around the venue!). There will be more guest pipers and dancers in the program, so be at the Colorado Scottish Festival Saturday August 9th, 7PM – it could be Epic!)

Dog-friendly festival also features bagpipes, clans, Highland and Irish dancing, Dogs of the British Isles, and ancient Scottish athletic competitions

The 2014 Colorado Scottish Festival in Highlands Ranch features a Saturday evening performance by Spanish bagpiper Carlos Núñez, who is the world’s most famous player of the gaita, the bagpipes of Galicia, Spain’s northwest, Atlantic Ocean-abutting region rich in vibrant, uniquely expressive Celtic traditional music. Núñez is wildly popular in Europe where he has a platinum album.

“We are very excited to bring Carlos Núñez to our Festival,” said Festival Director John Thornton. “There are not a lot of bagpipers who have reached superstar status, but he is definitely one who has. He is also amazing on the recorder and several other instruments.”

The dog-friendly festival also has many other attractions that promise to make this year the best yet. The Scottish athletes throwing the caber (telephone pole), Highland and Irish dancers, Dogs of the British Isles, piping and drumming competitions, a “Bonny Knees” contest, dozens of colorful clans, a genealogy tent, vendors specializing in Celtic merchandise, free haggis-tasting and wonderful food and drink are some of the Festival’s many high points.

The Festival is hosted each year at Highland Heritage Park in Highlands Ranch,located at 9651 S. Quebec Street, two miles south of C-470. Festival-goers are encouraged to park for free at Highlands Ranch High School, 9375 Cresthill Lane, where free festival shuttle bus service is available. A limited number of close-in premier parking passes are available at the festival for $20 per day. The spaces are directly across from the main gate. Those wishing to purchase a spot should contact John Park at [email protected]

The Festival runs from 9 am to 10 pm on Saturday, August 9th, and from 9 am to 5 pm on Sunday, August 10th. For more tickets and information on the festival go to, call 303.238.6524 or write to [email protected].

Note: Southern Colorado and New Mexico. Carlos and band will perform 3:30pm concert in La Veta to benefit the Spanish Peaks Celtic festival. Information/Reservations at 719-742-5410.

Cody Donovan 2013 Ring victory

By Luke Henderson – - –

There are plenty of dreams that come out of the world of MMA and one such story is ready to unfold for one of Colorado’s best and brightest fighters. Cody ‘Donnybrook’ Donovan will fight once more when he faces Nikita Krylov at UFC Fight Night 46, live in Dublin, Ireland on July 19, 2014.

“Fighting in Ireland has been a dream of mine since I started fighting. If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be fighting in the UFC in Ireland, I don’t think I would have believed you,” Donovan said.

The reigning Colorado Celtic Club, best Irish-American fighter in Colorado, Donovan is carrying a lot of expectations over to the Emerald Isle and the Colorado community that has embraced him thoroughly will be following closely as his dream comes true. But does all that attention bring more positives than pressure?

“More excitement for sure. I don’t like to put negative pressure on myself. As fighters we are in a unique position because most people will never get the opportunity to step inside a cage and fight. Even less will get to do it on TV. So instead [the fans] can get excited and live vicariously through me and not get hurt,” Donovan said with a laugh. “I love that, I love all the support and encouragement.”

When reminded of the legendary ties Colorado has to fighting, with men like Jack Dempsey coming through and the Fitzgerald brothers boxing downtown, Donovan is quick to stay humble.

“Well although I am very honored to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Jack Dempsey, I’ve never actually thought about the Colorado legacy. I’ve just been fighting because it is something I love to do. Probably the same reason all the other guys you mentioned fought. Someone once told me ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never ‘work’ a day in your life’. I am truly blessed,” Donovan said.

One of the most surprising things about Donovan is not just how popular he is here in Colorado and the United States at large, but the tremendous following he has in Ireland.

“The Irish fight fans have treated me like family. They have made me feel at home, and I haven’t even been there yet! I’m blown away by the support. I’m going to feed off of it. I’m going to let all that positive energy fill me up, and then take it into battle with me,” he said.

But while he is excited to put on a show for the land of his ancestors ‘Donnybrook’ isn’t leaving behind the support he’s grown used to in the Rocky Mountains.

“I will be taking all of the Colorado love and prayers with me into the fight and God-willing, I will take a win back home,” Donovan said.

Fans looking to gather to watch Cody ‘Donnybrook’ Donovan’s fight can do so at his official viewing party at Jackson’s All American Sports Grill 7939 E. Arapahoe Rd. Englewood, CO 80112 at noon Denver time, on Saturday July 19. Fans can follow him on Twitter @donnybrookcody and buy his official Ireland fight shirt at

Also fighting in July…

Jason “The Dragon” Lee takes on Adam Stroup for the SCL Middleweight Championship Friday July 18th at the Douglas County Event center in Castle Rock. Tickets at or call Jeff 729-933-6147.
Maureen “Babyface” Riordan fights on the RFA16 card at 1st Bank Center Fiday July 25. Get tickets at
Fusebox MMA in Westmenster 303 -875-4281 or VIP Tables at 303-5210966.

Ireland Lacrosse pregame2

A record 38 nations have been confirmed to compete in the 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse World Championship, which will be held July 10-19 at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colo., the “”Official Competition City” for the 10-day event, which is expected to attract as many as 150,000 visitors.

The 38-team field is headlined by the defending champion, the United States, and will include nine first-time entrants. Among the other teams coming to Denver is he Ireland National Lacrosse Team and their development team Erie. The Men’s Development Squad Erie will be participating in the master’s World Lacrosse Festivals held in conjunction International Lacrosse World Championship.
Ireland Lacrosse National Teams Director John Cavanaugh said that he would “love to see folks show up wearing green and rooting for Team Ireland!” According to Cavanaugh, competition was fierce to be included on the roster playing in Denver, “Our selection committee had a very challenging task in selecting 30 players from the nearly 70 player-candidates who gave it their all the entire 3 day; we have even tougher decisions ahead.” The team has been going through a number of training camps and exhibition games (including the Israeli National Team) to pick the final 23-man roster heading to Denver.

The Men’s National Lacrosse team, rank 9th in the world, will play three set games before going into elimination rounds. Ireland’s set games will be Friday, July 11 2:30 p.m. versus Uganda, on Field 8; Saturday, July 12, 11 a.m. versus France; Sunday, July 13 5:30 p.m. versus Bermuda, Field 8.
Opening Ceremony is at the Stadium
5 p.m. Thursday, July 10 with the two powerhouse teams United States vs. Canada, to clash at 7p.m.

Lacrosse, which originates in North America, is thought to date back to around 1100AD, making it possibly the oldest sport in North America. Lacrosse was originally played by Indigenous Americans to train warriors, honour deities, fight battles and even to heal illnesses! Missionaries and early American pioneers adopted and codified the sport however before introducing it to communities across North America and the British Commonwealth. The first recorded Lacrosse game recorded in Ireland was in 1867, pre-dating the foundation of the GAA by almost 20 years.
Lacrosse is one of the fastest field sports in the world and combines elements of Hurling, Hockey, Basketball and Football. The objective is simple – to outscore your opponent. The key piece of equipment is the Lacrosse stick which is used to catch, carry, and pass a rubber ball to your teammates and shoot into your opponent’s goal. 2 goals, surrounded by a circular crease, face each other across a pitch measuring 100 x 60 yards. Each team consists of 10 players – 3 attackers, 3 midfielders and 4 defenders, including a goalkeeper who is the only player who can use his hands.
Lacrosse is an extremely physical sport. Cross and body checking are allowed in Men’s Lacrosse meaning some of the hits can be brutal. Though Women’s Lacrosse differs in that, physicality is more limited, stick checking is still allowed and the nature and speed of the game means that body checking is often unavoidable and allowed within certain parameters.

If you would like to sponsor or help Team Ireland while they are in Denver email Don at [email protected]. The teams Facebook is and supporters FB
Tor tickets and other information on the 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse World Championship

Denver Gaels Camogs

A Word From the Denver Gaels
by Sam Westmoreland

After a busy, fantastic month of June, the Denver Gaels are ramping things up for a stellar July here in beautiful Denver. June kicked off with our camogie team heading to Atlanta to take part in the Peach Cup tournament. The Camogs played five matches in the sweltering heat and humidity of Georgia in June, winning three and losing two, and getting some great experience playing against other clubs from around the country ahead of September’s national championship tournament.

The Gaels also had a great time at our Night at the Races. We headed to the Celtic Tavern in our best Derby attire, sipped mint juleps and watched some great horse racing. It was a fantastic time, and the Gaels enjoyed some great craic. We also got our hurling pub league back underway after our midseason hiatus, leading up to the Cup final at the Colorado Irish Fest in July.

July might be the busiest month of the year for the Gaels, solely because of the Irish Festival. The Gaels have a huge role in the festival each year, and this year is no exception. We’ll be volunteering in various forms all over the festival, and will be an integral part of the festival’s cultural village, which provides us with a fantastic opportunity to share the sport with a huge audience. But, most importantly, we’ll be hosting our annual invitational tournament for both hurling and Gaelic football during the festival. We’ll be hosting seven teams from all four gaelic sports, which provides a fantastic opportunity to get great experience playing against different teams from around the country. We’ll also be holding our Cup final and Shield final matches for our hurling pub league on Sunday of the festival, giving us yet another opportunity to showcase one of the sports we love.

We also have a social event in July, and our football pub league will keep rolling as we ramp up in preparation for nationals in September. In other words, July figures to be a fun month for the Gaels.

Gaelic Storm Full Irish CD cover

Gaelic Storm will release their new CD “Full Irish” on July 29. Pre order now at
“Today’s Special: FULL IRISH. A seasoned blend of savory Gaelic Storm staples…fan favorites cured over the course of ten years, six albums, and thousands of live shows. Plus, enjoy a side of THREE BRAND NEW TRACKS (including “Whiskey in the Jar” and “Irish Party in Third Class” from TITANIC), for a veritable feast of fresh flavor that is sure to satisfy. For those who have dined here before, enjoy the unique combination of flavors that you have helped create, and if you’re new to the FULL IRISH, we hope you return again and again. Bon appétit.”

GS performs 8:30pm -9:45pm July 12 at CUIS/CIF Fest at Clement Park, Littleton.
The band will return to Denver metro November 6th for another legendary show at
the Gothic Theatre. GS will take the stage at 7:30PM and play until they drop.
The show is All Ages. Get tickets in advance to save a few bucks. Groups call Celtic Events at 303-777-0502.

Tom Quinn's frontcover_AmerMassacre

Former Colorado Irish Festival entertainment chairman Tom Quinn has entered a new realm with the publication of his first book, American Massacre, Fort Pillow and the Day That Changed a War.
The book chronicles an event known as the Fort Pillow Massacre, one of the great remaining controversies of the American Civil War. The battle is controversial because of allegations that Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest ordered the massacre of African American soldiers in the attack on the fort.
Quinn’s book provides an exciting, fast-paced narrative of the Fort Pillow Massacre and surrounding events. The book also contains a strong element of creative nonfiction including an in depth examination of the evidence and fictional prosecution and defense arguments for a war crimes trial of Nathan Bedford Forrest.
The book will be available on by July 10th at
rel=”attachment wp-att-1468″>, through the Create Space e-store and Create Space direct. Quinn is also scheduling local book signings in the near future. For more information please check out the Facebook page for American Massacre going live on July 5.
Tom Quinn is a lawyer, city councilman and former adjunct professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He has authored several articles on legal and historical subjects, He has given presentations on the Fort Pillow Massacre and Centralia, Missouri Massacre to the Last Word Society of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, of which he is a member. American Massacre is his first published book. He lives in Lakewood , Colorado with his wife Carol

Jul 072014
July 14 CC Belfast Kid_1st Feile Festival Divis Flats 1988 ©Sean McKernan

An interview with Founder and Photographer Sean McKernan
By Jennifer Dempsey

How was Belfast Exposed started?

Thirty years ago, in the period following the intense social and psychological trauma of the 1980 -­ 1981 Hunger Strikes, I started Belfast Exposed with my friend and teacher Danny Burke. We shared an interest in Photography and agreed to start the project which would encourage local people to comment on life in Belfast from a local/community and personal perspective. This was in response to the representation of Belfast by the main stream media restrictions which was set against a background politically imposed state censorship.
We invited local photographers to participate in an exhibition of amateur photography that would reflect the experience of Belfast from the inside. A call for work inviting “any amateur photographer who wishes to explore any aspects of the city or its people.”

Our approach was that if any member of the public felt offended in any way by the content of work displayed we would offer them free use of a camera and provide them training. This would give all community members the opportunity to have their say within the exhibition.
We have always attempted to forge solidarity’s across Belfast’s sectarian divide, Belfast Exposed, and strive to represent the work of photographers from a range of political backgrounds, while recruiting a ‘cross community’ steering committee and, where possible, bringing exhibitions to venues in neutral and in some cases to loyalist areas of the city
Belfast Exposed has evolved from a one­-time exhibition it become Ireland’s principal photography project. It continues to provide hundreds of community groups to use the medium of photography to explore a range of issues including community relations, cultural identity, sectarianism, housing and unemployment. Today the project employs 6 full­time staff based in our Belfast City Center premises, with 2 galleries, a studio, darkroom, bookshop, digital studio. It also houses a unique archive of over 500,000 images depicting the history of Belfast over the past 30 years.

How did you get started in photography?

On a personal level, my interest in photography stemmed primarily from my mother who armed me with her wee 110 Kodak camera and later a compact 35mm camera. She always insisted to enforce family photographs upon us six kids during birthdays, communions, Christmas and Easter. Much to her dismay, I would then regularly use this camera to document riots, demonstrations, funerals that took place on the Falls Rd where we lived. In school I helped set up a film club with access to a darkroom and camera and continued with my interest in documentary photography.

When did you realize the importance of self-representation through photography?

It was during the funeral of IRA Hunger Striker Bobby Sands in 1981. I was standing in Miltown cemetery, camera in hand, and I remember not recognizing one person from my own community among the 100 plus international media and press covering this historical event. This resonated with me as to why no member of my local community was part of this press/media contingency. This event ultimately planted the seed for me to confront and challenge the importance of community representation through the medium of photography. Two years later, in 1983 we had the 1st Belfast Exposed Exhibition.

As a community photographer have you come up against resistance from police, military or government?

Many of our photographers, myself included, have been regularly arrested, physically and verbally assaulted by the police and British Army, often with film and equipment being damaged and confiscated. We have been threatened & vilified by members of political/paramilitary organizations whilst running community photography projects in some contentious districts. During the mid-1980s our exhibition was banned from all Belfast City Council property and our funding denied by the same Council at the behest of a Unionist controlled council.

How have the Belfast Exposed exhibitions been received over the years?

Over the past 30 years, Belfast Exposed exhibitions have toured extensively throughout Ireland, Britain, Europe, America and Australia.
The first exhibition was called ‘Belfast Exposed’ and comprised over 500 photographs and slides, articulating the diverse life of the city from predominately working class perspectives. The exhibition opened on 17 October 1983 at the Peoples Theatre, Conway Mill, off the Falls Road, and attracted visitors from all over the city, including Shankill and East Belfast. In fact the Shankill Bulletin gave the exhibition an excellent review, as did the Irish News and Belfast Telegraph.
At the opening the exhibition at the Bank of Ireland Gallery in Baggot Street, Dublin in 1984, Seamus Heaney called the exhibition a “marvelous moment” and remarked on the “powerful, democratic feel running through these photographs” which documented a cross-community experience of unemployment, poor housing and economic deprivation, intensified by the effects of conflict and sectarian division and alleviated by the gritty humor of working class
Belfast life.

A 30th anniversary exhibition of Belfast Exposed” will be held at the Salida Community Center from July 15-August 15. Opening reception July 17, 6-8pm. Sean McKernan will give a free slide show presentation/lecture at the Book Haven in Salida on Monday July 19 at 6pm. For more information call 719 530-1494.

Colorado Emerald Society Logo

The Colorado Emerald Society George B Kennedy Annual Charity Golf Tournament has been moved to July 21st at 1:15pm– still at the Ranch Country Club Golf Course.
Registration starts at 11:45 AM July 21st and we will have a contest beforehand. Food will be served after the Golf Tournament so I encourage you to invite people to come and eat with us and the cost for that is $25.00.
Colorado Emerald Society is a social group formed in May, 2000 to foster the Irish heritage of law enforcement and firefighter personnel within the state of Colorado. The National Emerald Society has been ongoing in places like New York, Boston and D.C. since the 1950’s.

They host several social events throughout the year and we continue to grow in membership. They have formed our own Emerald Society Pipe & Drum Band, which performs in Pipe Band competitions throughout the western region and is currently the reigning Pipe Band champions of the Denver St. Patrick’s Parade and the Colorado Emerald Society Pipe Band performs at all police and fire memorials within the state.

COEmSoc would greatly appreciate your business or organization making a tax deductible donation by sponsoring a hole or donating an item for a door prize. This is a great cause and it really helps the families of the folks that serve and protect you every day.

CES is a non-profit organization, pursuant to IRS designation as a
501 (c) (3), and your donation is fully deductible.

More information is on their website @

Montana Irish Language class 2014

Cúrsa Tumoideachais sa Ghaeilge

Immersion Camps:
The first immersion camps in Irish language and culture were organized in
the Gaeltachtaí (Irish-speaking districts) of Ireland in 1901 and quickly became a corner
-stone of themovement to preserve Ireland’s ancient Gaelic culture. It was here that students encountered the
living culture, learned the language, the music and dance and returned home to share their learning and
experience within their own communities. The importance of these camps in saving the
culture from extinction is undeniable. The course offered in Butte againthis summer is designed to give
students the same experience, with the hope that they in turn will help in the movement here in the
United States to preserve and promote their ancestral heritage.
The course will be offered at Montana Tech, in Butte. Butte was
the entry-point for the majority of the Irish in the state. It was a town built by the
Irish, for the Irish and has a distinct Irish flavor to it.
Curriculum: The course offers both credit [two credits] and non
- credit courses and is open to all who wish to learn the Irish language.
The accredited courses are for beginners only.
The main objective is to impart a conversational knowledge of the Irish
Classes begin at 9:00am and continue until 4:30pm in the afternoon.
There are lengthy breaks between classes so students can work together
and study the material covered in each class.
The evening time is reserved for the student to study or engage in
recreational activities with their colleagues. There is a lot going on in Butte and many enjoy
evening walks, investigating the old city, and visiting some of the many sites
commemorating the history of the Irish in the town. Believe you me, you will not be bored!
All classes are taught by professional teachers with the aid of Irish language teaching
assistants from The University of Montana [UM] Irish Studies program. These young
students have been learning Irish and how to teach the language as part of their course at UM.
Accommodation: For those coming from out-of-state there is room Butte on the
Montana Technical College campus. To view the facilities, please go to
Arrangements can also be made to pick you up from the airport in Butte by
contacting me at [email protected] with your name, flight number and time of arrival.

Traolach Ó Ríordáin, C/O
The Friends of Irish Studies, PO Box 4693, Missoula, MT

Jul 062014
Indulgers2 2013 colage

News from the Rocky Mountain Music Scene – - -
by Rodger Hara – - -

Barton Abbey is a new band featuring former members of Lalla Rookh that describes their music as “Americana with a Celtic Accent.” They perform on the patio at Avogadro’s Number, 605 S. Mason Street, Fort Collins on the 22nd from 7-9 PM. The band is Paul Honecutt on guitar, mandolin, lap steel and electric guitar, Kay Williams on fiddle, Jim Abraham on bass (both from Lalla Rookh), Eric Barton on guitar and mandolin, Susie Barton on vocals and Deb Bryant on Drums.
Brian Clancy plays at Jack Quinn Irish Ale House and Pub in downtown Colorado Springs at 7:30 PM on the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st and at the Irish Snug on Capitol Hill in Denver at 8:30 PM on the 12th, 19th and 26th.
You can catch The Indulgers at the 4th of July Festival in Firesone at 1 PM. If you miss them there, they play at 7 PM on the 12th at the International Festival in Rock Springs, WY. If that’s too far, they play at Conor O’Neill’s in Boulder at 10 PM on the 25th and for the Arts Picnic in Greeley on the 26th at 3 PM.
Big Paddy is at the July 11th Westminster Brewing Co. on the 11th from 7 to 10:30 PM on the 11th, Mulligan’s in Ft. Collins on the 12th at 9 PM, the Celtic House Pub in Parker on the 25th at 9 PM and the Wonderland Brewery in Westminster from 7 to 10 PM on the 26th.
Mathew Gurnsey of the Muses performs every Thursday, 6:30PM at The Burns Pub, Bromfield, CO
Less Common is on the stage of Mulligan’s Pub & Sports Club, 2439 South College Ave in Fort Collins on the 19th at 9 PM.
The commoners rock out at the Colorado Irish Festival, Clement Park in Littleton at 6:45 PM on the 11th, at Jack Quinn on the 12th at 9 PM and play in the Crown Bar in Cheyenne, WY – 9:30 PM on the 18th.
Ceol Ceili is on the Clontarf Whiskey stage at the Colorado Irish Festival at 10:45 AM on the 12th.
Angus Mohr plays at Lonigan’s in Estes Park at 9 PM on the 5th and at the Colorado Irish Festival at 6:30 PM on the 11th and 1:30 PM on the 13th.
Deb Carstensen and Molly Bennett are showcasing music, dance, and clothing from the Irish tradition at the Rialto Theatre in Loveland at 10 AM and 2 PM on the 29th. The program shows how the history of Irish dance and music has influenced the art and culture of our country today. Deb will fiddle and Molly will demonstrate Irish jigs, reels, and hornpipes. Appropriate for grades K – 8.
Deb Carstensen plays for the Boulder Contra dances with a band called “Step in Time” that includes Rodney Sauer on keyboard and Ed Secor on clarinet. Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe Road, Boulder. 1st and 3rd Fridays. Lesson 7:15. Dancing 8 – 11 p.m. $10/$8 members (prices may vary for special events). Call Teri at 303 499-1346 for more info. Shoes with clean soles are mandatory! More info at
Pandora Celtica weaves their vocal spells at Fantasy Con in Salt Lake City from the 3rd to the 5th, on the Clontarf Whiskey stage at 10:15 and on the Main Stage at 12:30 on the 12th. Then they travel to the Pagosa Springs Renaissance and Pirate Festival where they perform on 6 PM on the 18th and 19th and hurry back north for a show at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival on the 20th.
Delilah’s Revenge performs at the Colorado Irish Festival at 8:30 M on the 11th and 12 PM on the 13th. On the 26th, they perform on the new stage at Scruffy Murphy’s at 9 PM.

Skean Dubh appears on the Clontarf Whiskey Stage for the Colorado Irish Festival on the 13th from 12:15-1:30, at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival on the 19th, in a show at the Hillside Gardens from 6:30-8:30 PM on the 23rd and the 32nd & Lowell Farmers Market on the 27th from 9 AM-1 PM.
The Mountain Road Ceili Band will be outside on the patio at The Margarita at Pine Creek in Colorado Springs on the 18th from 6:30-8:30 PM. A movie is shown afterwards on the patio.
The Juice O’the Barley plays on the Clontarf Whiskey Stage from 5-6:15 PM on the 12th and from 3:45-5 PM on the 13th. On the 26th, they motor to Ft. Collins where they play on Mulligan’s stage.
Adam Agee & Jon Sousa will be teaching and performing at the Shasta Music Summit, Mt. Shasta CA from the 5th-12th.
The Granias (with Esther Terpenning sitting in for Jessie Burns) are on the Colorado Irish Festival’s Clontarf Whiskey Stage from 5:15-6:15 PM on the 11th.
And from the 21st to the 27th, Gadbaw and Krimmel (harp and vocal duo) will be the Artists in Residence at the Caribou Ranch in Nederland.
Colcannon performs at Bravo! Vail on the 17th at 6 PM in Nottingham Park in Avon.
Potcheen plays at The Celtic House Pub in Parker on the 5th at 9 PM, The Local 46 Bar on Tennyson in Denver at 8 PM on the 11th, on the Clontarf Whiskey Stage of the Colorado Irish Festival at 8:30 PM on the 12th and 5:30 PM on the 13th, for the Alamosa Live Music Association in Alamosa at 9 PM on the 20th and close out the month with a show at Naggy McGee’s Irish Pub in Grand Junction on the 26th at 8 PM.
Chancer’s Hooley performs at the July 12th – Colorado Irish Festival at 3:15 PM on the 12th and 2 PM on the 13th then is at Katie Mullen’s in downtown Denver at 9 PM on the 18th.
July 20 Gobs O’Phun plays for the folks at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival during the day then heads to the Celtic House Pub in Parker for a 6 PM performance.

The Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp starts on the 27th and runs through August 3. Instruction and performances will include Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton, Bluegrass and old time fiddling plus guitar, banjo, ukelele, piano, flute, tin whistle, cello, dance calling, Southwest tunes, O’Carolan tunes, quartets, chamber music, and bluegrass band lab. Featured guest artists include Gillian Boucher, Sheila Falls, Jeremy Kittle, Katie MacNally and the Canote Brothers.

Colorado Irish Festival, July 11-13, Clement Park, Littleton, CO W/Gaelic Storm, Searson, The Elders, Ceol Ceili, Lougheed, Pandora Celtica, High Kings, the commoners, Delilah’s Revenge, The Stubby Shillelaghs, Chancers Hooley, Angus Mohr, Juice O’the Barley, Skean Dubh, Potcheen, Heritage Irish Stepdancers. And Denver Gaels GAA Gaelic Football and Hurling, Gaelic games youth camp, Irish dance competition (Feis), Pipe Band competition, The Book of Kells, Counties of Ireland, Irish Blessings, The Legend of St. Patrick, Bagpipes of Ireland, Sunday morning Catholic mass, food, fun and merchandise.
Cost: Friday eve, free from 5-6 PM, $10/person after 6 PM. Sat. and Sun.: $16 at
the Gate, $13 for seniors, students and military w/ID. Kids 12 and under free. Discount tickets at King Soopers or online

Payson Scottish Festival, July 11-12, Memorial Park, Payson, UT. W/ Heather Broch Dancers, An Dragan Ceilteach Irish Dancers, Men of Worth, Harp Irish Dancers, Celtic Country Dancers, Bards and Noble. And: Friday night céilidh, Highland dancing, Scottish Heavy Athletics, clans, Pipe band, solo piper and drum solo competitions, fun, food and merchandise

Elizabeth Celtic Festival, July 20-21, Casey Jones Park, Elizabeth, CO. W/Gobs O’Phun, Skean Dubh, Delilah’s Revenge, Colorado Welsh Dancers, Renaissance Scots, Ciorcal Cairde Irish Pipes and Drums, Chancer’s Hooley, Bennett School of Irish Dance, 79th Highlanders, Eric Olson, Marianne Goodland, Pandora Celtica, Castle Wall Productions. And:Irish and Highland dancing, Scottish Heavy Athletics, rugby, clans, living history, Celtic Nations and Tartans, Animals of the British Isles, Solo Piper competition, homebrew competition, fun, food and merchandise. Cost: At the gate: Under 12 free, Teens (13-17) and Seniors (65+) $5, others $10 + $3 Parking. Military & First Responders $5 w/ID Info:


Colonel Farrell and the Teapot- – -
by Jim Remington – - -

One of the most common Irish ballads is a song called “Whiskey in the Jar”. The song has been performed and recorded by many different artists including the Dubliners, the Pogues, Thin Lizzy, Metallica (really!), and Celtic Thunder. Even the great piper Seamus Ennis took at whack at it. The song is set in the Cork and Kerry Mountains and although there are many versions the basic story line stays about the same. A highwayman robs the Colonel (or Captain) makes off with the loot to his sweetie who puts water in his gunpowder and turns him in to Colonel/ Captain Farrell. The song is told by the highwayman who regrets the whole episode especially the possibility of long prison time or hanging. We’re not sure but the girlfriend and Colonel/Captain Farrell may have become an item. The song has a wonderful nonsense type chorus (“Musha ringum durum da, Whack fo’l the daddy-o, whack fo’l the daddy-o, there’s whiskey in the jar”) and a great foot stomping, hand clapping audience participation part. All and all lots of fun and a great crowd pleaser. But my favorite version by far is one that was sung on a bus going between Cork and Killarney. It was not sung by Metallica.
I was on an extended stay in Ireland and on a tight budget so I was traveling either by hitching or public transportation – both are great ways to get around the country on a shoestring and meet your average Mick. I love traveling in Ireland this way. On a particular part of the journey I was traveling between Cork City and Killarney to do some roaming around Macgillycutty’s Reeks, a remote area on the Ring of Kerry. I was traveling on an older model public transportation bus which means almost anything can happen and you plan for any outcome. A sleeping bag is handy. We were well into the mountains, that is the Cork and Kerry Mountains, when the bus driver announced that the engine was overheating and we needed to stop for some water to add to the radiator. No big problem – there’s water everywhere in Ireland! The driver managed to pull off the very narrow road in front of an ancient looking farmhouse. He turned the engine off and walked up to the farmhouse. The door was opened and the bus driver was in. Being a bus full of Irish (I think I may have been the only Yank) there was no shortage of conversation. But just as if it was written in the script, someone slowly started to sing the first verse of “Whiskey in the Jar”. “As I was going over the Cork and Kerry Mountains…”. The voice was a beautiful Irish tenor and everyone immediately grew quiet. The song unfolded, without missing a word, to the chorus and right on cue the whole bus sang out the whacky infectious chorus including the foot stomping, hand clapping. What a performance! Every verse was taken by the soloist and it was as if this had been practiced beforehand. But this was Ireland and they know their music. Meanwhile, while the passengers were in full vocal ecstasy, the bus driver was filling the radiator – from a very small teapot! Apparently that was all the woman of the house had handy. The driver made trip after trip with a smile on his face adding maybe a pint at a time. You had to see the humor in what he was doing while accompanied by the bus full of splendid singers banging out “Whiskey in the Jar”. The chorus was repeated on and on until the driver was finished. When the driver entered the bus, to applause, he congratulated us on our fine singing style. He did mention something about not quitting our day jobs.
We made it to Killarney without further delay. I got to hike around the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks which were moody, remote and spectacular; a story in themselves. I think I hummed “Whiskey in the Jar” non-stop for the next two weeks I trekked. I still get a smile on my face when I hear the slightest part of that song. And the teapot still cracks me up!

Jim Remington is a teacher and director at the Lakewood School of Music in Lakewood, CO, and lives with his wife, 2 horses and 2 dogs in the Wet Mountain Valley near Westcliffe, CO. Jim can be reached at: [email protected]

Ambassador Kevin O'Malley

The White House has named Missouri’s Kevin F. O’Malley as its choice to be next U.S. Ambassador to Ireland.

A release from the White House Press Office on June 5th stated: “Kevin F. O’Malley, of Missouri, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to Ireland.”

Kevin F. O’Malley is an officer in the Litigation Department at Greensfelder, Hemker and Gale in St. Louis, Missouri and has been a practicing trial lawyer for over 35 years. Mr. O’Malley has been an adjunct professor at Washington University School of Law since 2013, and taught at St. Louis University School of Law from 1979 to 1985. He served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in St. Louis from 1979 to 1983 and was a Special Attorney in the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the Department of Justice from 1974 to 1979. In 2009, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon appointed Mr. O’Malley to the Missouri Board of Healing Arts. Mr. O’Malley served as a legal instructor for the American Bar Association’s Central and East European Law Initiative in Moscow in 1996 and Warsaw in 1999. He received an A.B. and a J.D. from Saint Louis University.

Mr O’Malley, whose grandfather came from Co Mayo, is married with one son.

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