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The Pikes Peak Celtic Festival is back in 2014 after its relaunch by the City of Colorado Springs, The Colorado Springs Friendly Son’s and Daughters of St. Patrick, and the Scottish Society of the Pikes Peak region. On June 20 – 22, 2014, Memorial Park (in Colorado Springs, CO) will fill with kilted pipe bands and athletes, the best in Celtic rock, trad music, authentic food, Guinness Beer, shopping, and more.

In 2013, the Colorado Springs based festival was reborn and is growing in its second year. The 2014 festival has many new offerings to checkout, including the addition of a late night concert on Friday with headliner Albannach, Delilah’s Revenge, and The McDeviants.

In addition, the festival will feature Guinness beer and authentic food from Jack Quinn’s Pub among other authentic food vendors. There will be an entire tent full of shopping from authentic vendors, a large music stage, a more intimate tented performance stage, and live Celtic cuisine cooking demonstrations.

Furthermore, clans and societies will gather at the festival as well as Western Region Pipe Bands, solo bagpipers and drummers, Highland athletes, and more to compete against the best. Competitions will run all day Saturday and Sunday. Patrons will also get to live history in the living history area, witnessing characters and displays from days gone past.

Tickets and more information to the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival are available online at www.PikesPeakCelticFestival.com or at the gate. Guests who arrive at the festival before 5:30pm on Friday night, June 20th, will receive FREE admission to the festival that night.


(Celtic Connection, June, 2014)

CR “Night Travels” is an interesting and compelling group of songs that seem to incorporate the idea of the dreaming and the nighttime wrapped up in true and not always true love.

AD “I didn’t set out to write an album about dreaming, whether it is nighttime dreaming or daytime dreaming. But whatever I was going through when I was writing this—I was having a lot of very vivid dreams and daydreaming quite a bit over the year of writing it, so that obviously infused into the writing”.

“I was out in LA in the middle of the project and sitting down with a childhood friend and I said, ‘I gotta get a title for this album’, and she said, ‘Of the stuff I’ve heard so far, there seems to be this theme of dreams that keeps coming through this. So it should be something about dreaming’. So that was the first time I realized I’d put together a work that was primarily about dreaming themes throughout it as well as the primary theme of love. Which is of course, it not an unusual thing for me to be writing about. Nighttime and dreaming continually showed up.

I try to write a little epilogue at the end of my albums, and when I was writing that, and was studying some of the old authors and poets to see what they had to say about dreaming. Everybody from Poe to Shakespeare thought about this quite a bit—dreams and how they shape our lives and affect our lives. And how our awake dreams were just as important as our nighttime dreams. One author, whose name I can’t recall at the moment, said, “It is through dreaming and writing that I finally found myself”. And that’s sort of how I felt about the writing of this album”.

CR I think this is just a superb, very mature, very dense and complete body of work that is beautifully restrained. In a way that actually amplifies the song.

In terms of arranging, it was exquisite in the fact that less was more. You had stellar musicians, you have an extraordinary voice and you write complex lyrics. The temptation to overproduce to me would have been pretty large.

AD That’s something that Gawain Mathews (co-producer) and I concentrate on. We both like a very clean sound. We edit one another quite a bit in studio. It’s really standing back and going, “Do we need that?” and muting it and seeing if we miss it or not. That was the acid test. A lot of the tracks had instruments that we recorded on there and then didn’t use. We muted them and didn’t miss them. The song still stood on it’s own. We want the song to shine through more than anything with clean, pristine musicianship.

We were ironically, however, also making the sound a bit bigger, to make it more movie soundtrack friendly at the same time. I’m glad we were able to make it simpler, but bigger, if you will”.

CR Obviously, when you have musicians like Eileen Ivers, Moya Brennan, John Doyle and the like, you want to make use of them, but they almost can become as much a focus as the song, which to my ears did not happen. For example on “His Bride I’ll Be”, I was listening to the album for the first time as I always do, while working at something else. And I realized I was hearing this very low, delicate harp bringing me into the song but not overtaking it.

AD “I love doing collaborations—I write for the collaborations. I’m wrote that piece specifically for Moya. That’s why the piece sounds way more Moya Brennan than any other cut on the album. In each of those cases, it was a song specifically crafted around that person. I hope that’s why it’s easier for them to tuck in to it rather than just playing on it.

“With You Tonight” with Eileen Ivers–I wrote that one in New York city and was thinking completely about the pulse of New York and the sessions that happen in New York and Eileen’s fiddle playing. So I wove it around that traditional Irish jig and felt her winding around me as I sing the lines”.

CR I love the way you incorporate “The Butterfly” slip jig into that song!
That was a cut I made a note about because you have this nice little tune starting the song and the song weaves in and out of it. I have many favorites on this album, but this one really stuck its head up.

AD I was so happy when I sent it to Eileen, as it didn’t have her fiddle on it yet, but she said, “I love this”. It’s like a dress designer designing for a famous actress and then sending out the dress and hoping that she’ll wear it at some event and like it. So when you craft something like that, you hope for that reaction”.

CR I think one of the great accomplishments of this album is cementing your stature as a songwriter. All of these pieces (except Barbara Allen) are original. All are different and at the same time, many are ageless. They could be Child Ballads or an old timey ballad from 200 years ago.
Let’s take for example, a bit from “His Bride I’ll Be”

He took my hand one gentle summer
He named each flower that grows for me
But we were pledged to another
But on this night his bride I’ll be

Braid my hair my tender maidens
The wind is strong and fast we’ll ride
To a place where love is endless
So that I might be his bride

The lantern shone like a star of heaven
And with it’s light oh I did ride
Into the arms of my lover
So that I might be his bride

Or your song, “The Blackest Crow”

The blackest crow that ever flew
Would surely turn to white
If ever I prove false to you
Bright day will turn to night

Bright day would turn to night my love
The elements will mourn
If ever I prove false to you
The seas will rage and burn

I wish my breast were made of glass
Wherein you might behold
Upon my heart your name lies wrote
In letters made of gold

AD “I never sit down to write eleven tracks. I write it over the course of a year or so. It takes that long to get each track exactly where I want it to be, then I move on to the next one. I never write two songs together, ever. At one point in Dublin, I was in a bit of a panic. because I don’t write them at the same time. I might be in a different head space or heart space at a different song’s point in time. I worried about whether they would all live together”.

CR How has the feedback been?

AD “Phenomenal. Both from peers and fans. Across the board they’ve been saying, “It’s your best”. And that, of course, is the goal—to always get better. You don’t want people saying, wow, your second album (of ten) was really your best one! (laughing). The common thing I’m hearing is they like the sound, the arrangement and the writing. The thing I am most grateful for is that the critics say my voice matches my writing perfectly. That is what I wanted to accomplish—as well as with the people I’m singing with. For example on the Moya duet, that’s really up in Moya’s register. It’s not an area I hang out in a lot. I have the ability to, but it was fun because it showed a different color to my voice as well, so it allowed me to do some different things with my voice I haven’t done before”.

CR This song is brilliant in its simplicity and does really suit the sort of atmospheric Moya landscape. I really like how you turn it into a hymn of rounds:

When you are gone and I am here
Hold my heart beside you near
When you are gone and I am here
Hold my heart beside you near

I will sing your name at night
Sleep the fields in wandering light
I will sing your name at night

I will sail the seas so high
Search the winds the clouds the sky
I will sail the seas so high
Search the winds the clouds the sky

I will sing your name at night
Sleep the fields in wandering light
I will sing your name at night

CR You have a who’s who of musicians on this release, John Doyle, Moya Brennan, Eileen Ivers, Máire Breatnach, Cormac DeBarra, etc.

AD “I’ve been blessed that the people within the Celtic genre have liked what I’ve done and are interested in what I am doing. When people want to work with you, that’s the highest compliment you can get. Knowing that I’m doing something different helps too”.

CR I agree. I think you’ll be the songwriter that singers are going to go to when they want to find a new song.

AD “My songwriting is the thing I work the hardest on and am constantly being influenced in so many different directions. It is what I would like to be known for above any other talents”.

Night Travels is out on Daisy Rings Music. www.daisyrings.com


Celtic Connection: Colorado Celtic Rock pioneers, The Indulgers, are born and bred in the Rocky Mountains. Their distinct sound rocks with the independence of the great American West. Founded by native Dubliner, Damien McCarron, the band began cultivating their brand of Celtic Rock in Denver Colorado in 1998. McCarron and bandmates have since performed their music all around the U.S. and Ireland. Unlike many bands in their genre who primarily perform covers of others music, McCarron and bandmates prefer to write their own. They list some of the bands that have influenced them, including the Waterboys, Horslips, Thin Lizzy, Christy Moore, and Irish Trad – All of this music was played over the radio in the McCarron home as Damien was growing up.

One of the bands on the Indulgers list of inspirations is Spirit. The Indulgers multi-instrumentalist Mike Nile started playing with Spirit in 1978 and became a member in 1985 to 1994.

Spirit was an American rock band that started in the late 1960’s and continued on-and-off until their founder, singer, guitarist, Randy California drowned while surfing in January 1997. The band left a body of worked that included over a dozen studio albums and a load more of live albums and compilations. They had albums and singles on the U.S. chart, the most successful being “I’ve Got A Line On You.” In retrospect, many who are familiar with Spirit and the history of Rock, would agree that Spirit was a band that was ahead of their time.

Fans and musicians alike have long dissected Spirits intriguing music and lyrics. No doubt Spirit did influence other bands. Led Zepplin opened for Spirit on the band’s 1969 U.S . tour and included a version of Spirit’s ‘Fresh Garbage’ in their early live sets. Coincidently or not, in May of this year an attorney hired by Randy California’s estate announced plans to file a copyright infringement suit that will seek a co-writing credit for California on “Stairway to Heaven.” It has been said by some that Jimmy Page borrowed the descending guitar riff from Spirit’s “Taurus” for Led Zeppelin’s signature tune, as California had wrote and recorded “Tarus” a couple of years before Page recorded “Stairway to Heaven.”
Mike Nile, who has no dog in the fight, was recently asked about the resurgent controversy and said, “In 1988 Spirit went on the Howard Stern radio show and Howard brought this up. He took two turntables – one with Stairway and the other with Taurus and dropped the needles at the same time and the match up was remarkable. I can remember Randy saying we are all made up of a million different songs, and if even it was unintentionally lifted, it was great to be an influence of some kind in their music.”

Whether or not Spirit was ever denied fame, fortune, or their proper due, they did add their color to the history of Rock. Below Mike Nile tells his story (in 2,500 words or less) about his early days in music, his time with Spirit, and his current band, The Indulgers.

Mike Nile: I grew up in Denver in the mid 60’s when The Beatles and Rolling Stones were huge, and every young boy in the neighborhood wanted a guitar and was starting a band. I was 12 years old when I joined my first band, and by the time I was fifteen, with signed permission slips from our parents, we were playing in all the Denver 3.2 bars and night clubs, like Mr Lucky‘s, My Sweet Lass, The Godfather, Sam’s, The Exodus, The Galaxy – and making great money for fifteen and sixteen year old kids. Al Roth, (the owner of Herman’s Hideaway) was our booking agent.
Marshall amplifiers were making their USA debut, and our band was picked to back a crazy English rock singer called Lord Sutch, who had just released an album in the UK with a guitar player named Jimmy Page, called “Screaming Lord Sutch”. We toured with him in his Rolls Royce with a British flag painted on it that he brought over from England, playing shows with The Troggs (Wild Thing), and a few other English acts – all using the new Marshall amplifiers.
I received a music scholarship to Colorado State University and did one year there and then finished three more years at The University Of Colorado majoring in sound recording, reinforcement and music arranging. Through Dr. Roy Pritts, I got deeply involved with synthesizers which were new and cutting edge at the time. The members of my band were also college students in the same music class, and we started a group called the Electronic Music Ensemble (EME) using synthesizers along with guitar, bass and drums. We would tour colleges playing for the music departments so musicians could see and hear for the first time what a synthesizer could do. The peak of the band’s performances was playing with the Denver Symphony right after the new Denver Performing Arts Center had been built. We performed a three part movement I had written and arranged for synthesizers, rock band, and symphony.

After leaving school I began engineering and working in recording studios in Colorado like Caribou, Applewood Studios, Mountain Ears, Northstar, and The Music Plant, as well as playing in a Denver rock band. In 1977 I was working on an electronic music album for Mike and Bob Lee at Brown Bag Productions when Randy California, guitar player for the band Spirit, stopped by for a visit. He came into the control room and listened to what I was doing on the synthesizers…he liked the song and asked if he could play some guitar. Of course I said yes. That song ended up being the opening song to “Potatoland”, the new Spirit album Randy and drummer Ed Cassidy had moved to Colorado to write and record.
Randy was living in Boulder, and Cass was living in Evergreen, so while Randy finished writing the songs for Potatoland we started jamming together at small gigs in Boulder, Evergreen and Denver. In 1978 we recorded Potatoland, at Northstar Studios in Boulder. Randy asked me to arrange horns and strings and play some synthesizers. He wanted to use real horns and real strings which was cool, since I didn’t get the opportunity very often to write charts for real strings and horns and mix them with the synthesizers. One of the songs “Turn to the Left, Turn to the Right” was a song that had actually been meant for the Twelve Dreams album, so when I was standing in that room hearing the horn section do the same accents I had come to love on Twelve Dreams, it was truly a rush.
I have always been a composer, and through a friend, A&M Records heard some of my songs. They liked the lead vocalist (who was my wife at the time), and we were picked up by a management company in Los Angeles who set us up in a house with a recording studio in Malibu, California. The band was a Boulder band called Wonderboy, but it was changed to Nile – Kari Nile being the lead singer, and me playing bass, singing and writing the songs. Nile became the house band at a place in Malibu called “Trancas”. It was the only place on the northwest coast of Malibu where you could see a live band. During the late 70′s and 80′s there were a lot of musicians living along that part of the coast and in the canyons of Malibu. Members of Fleetwood Mac, Little Feat, Van Halen, Willie Nelson, Dave Mason, The Scorpions, The Beach Boys, The Band, Bonnie Rait, and many more, came in to drink and jam with us, and of course Randy California would come in and play. There was always something special when I played with Randy.
I was running in a fairly fast lane at the time, and it took its toll on the band and my marriage. I got divorced and began recording and working on new songs. Along the way I had become good friends with Fleetwood Mac producer Richard Dashut, and through him drummer Mick Fleetwood and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. Richard encouraged me to start singing lead vocals and began producing some tracks with my band. He took us to Phoenix, where we recorded and stayed at Stevie Nick’s house. Richard and Mick had a house not far from mine and we would hang out with various folks that lived in Malibu – like David Cassidy, Dave Mason, Dennis Wilson from the Beach Boys, Bob Welch, actor Nick Nolte, Gary Busey who had just finished the Buddy Holly Story, Jason Miller from the Exorcist, Keil Martin from Hill Street Blues, Jan Michael Vincent from Air Wolf…and many more. I would go to Lindsey’s studio where he and Richard would be working on new Fleetwood Mac tracks, and some solo stuff, and we would listen to new songs and talk music, engineering, sounds, arranging and writing.

I developed a style of music I called “Rock & Swing” with my band Nile using keyboards and guitar synths playing real samples of horn sections, and started engineering and producing other artists at a 24 track recording studio I built in the canyons of Malibu called “Nileland”. It was one of the only public studios in Malibu in the 80’s so I was working with Fleetwood, Mason, the Little Feat guys, Jan & Dean, you name it….country, rock, pop, even disco for Georgio Moroder. The studio was taking off and I was spending most of my time recording and producing, so I decided to let my band “Nile” go, and concentrate on studio production.
Mick Fleetwood introduced me to Pete Bardens an amazing keyboard player from the English group Camel. Pete had a new record deal with Capitol Records and was looking for a place in Malibu to record and put a band together. I began working with Pete in the studio, and then was asked to play bass in his new group The Speed Of Light Band which included Pete on keyboards, Mick Fleetwood on percussion and electronic drums, Neil Lockwood on keys and vocals (Alan Parsons Project), and a superb guitar player named Neale Heywood (Sweet). All mad Englishman except myself and drummer Jethro Foxx – the American rhythm section. After the release of “Speed Of Light” and a cross country tour with The Speed Of Light Band I returned to Malibu. Guitarist Neale Heywood stayed in America working with me at Nileland Studio as an engineer and guitarist. We worked together for several years on loads of bands, labels, publishing companies, and various music projects.

Randy California signed a deal with Miles Copeland and IRS Records for a new Spirit record. He called and asked me to engineer and play some bass on the record. Randy and drummer Ed Cassidy came into Nileland and we laid down tracks for the Sprit album “Rapture In The Chambers”. When the Rapture album was finished we had a big party at Miles Copeland’s house and Randy asked me if I would be interested in joining Spirit. I had just gotten off the road from touring with Pete and Mick and the Speed Of Light Band and it had been a lot of fun. I missed playing live and didn’t want to go back “in the box” at the studio in Malibu quite yet. Neale agreed to run the studio while I was on the road with Spirit. I joined the band for a 5 week tour to see how it would go and ended up playing with the band a little over 9 years.
Spirit traveled all over the world playing 150 days a year. We toured Europe several times a year where the band had a large following, playing shows with Wishbone Ash, Steppenwolf, Canned Heat, Iron Butterfly, Buffalo Springfield, and other popular bands of that era. The rest of the time I was home engineering and producing in the studio. I had remarried and started a family and had two sons. It was an incredible time in the studio working with some amazing artists like grunge rockers Alice In Chains, who spent 3 months at Nileland Studios writing and recording their album “Dirt”. At that time I also started a band with guitarist Neale Heywood, guitar and vocalist Walter Egan (Magnet and Steel), and vocalist Sara Fleetwood called LA Rodeo. The band had a country flavor but was more “western rock” sounding than country.
I started finding it harder to be out on the road 150 days a year with Spirit, and realized I was missing my sons growing up. Neale had started playing guitar with Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, and then was asked to join Fleetwood Mac as guitarist. I decided it was time to close Nileland Studios and move back to Colorado and try and spend more time with my family. I played on and off with Spirit after that until the day Randy died in a tragic swimming accident in Maui.
After moving back to Denver I started a recording studio and record label with Dave Fox and Chris Cardone called Alley Recording Studios. I produced and engineered a lot of talented Denver musicians, and released a few CD’s on the Alley label, but nothing stuck. One of the musicians I met at The Alley was a vocalist from Dublin Ireland named Damien McCarron. I engineered, produced and played bass on his CD “Damien Promise – A Matter Of Indulgence”. On the CD Damien called all the musicians that had recorded on the CD “The Indulgers”. There was no real band – but the name sounded good.

Damien started scrapping around Denver playing various bars and pubs and picked up a bass player and drummer. He brought them back into the studio and I worked on another few songs with him. Damien was asked if he would like to open for a band called The Young Dubliners up at the Gerald Ford Amphitheater in Vail, but unfortunately his bass player was in California. Damien asked me to play bass with the band for the show. The Indulgers took the stage in Vail and played the ska-rock kind of music Damien and drummer Pat Murphy and bassist Chris Murtaugh had been writing and performing. After our set the Young Dubliners came on… their music was lively, Irish, and these guys had fun! My grandfather was from Ireland and my grandmother was from Scotland. I had grown up hearing Irish/American songs. Suddenly something clicked and I was inspired to write an Irish rock song. By the time we had driven back to Denver from Vail I had written the first Irish/celtic rock song for the Indulgers. “In Like Flynn” had a chorus that stuck in your head. Damien wrote some great verse lines and when the CD was released “In Like Flynn” ended up winning “Best Celtic Song Of The Year” at Just Plain Folks. I was hooked and became an Indulger. I did not want to play bass, since Chris was already playing bass, so I became the guy who played the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, the mandolin, the accordion, the electric bag pipe and penny whistle, along with the occasional vocal.
We started to work on the “In Like Flynn” CD and needed a good fiddle player. I was introduced to Renee Fine – a violinist who had played with the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, and after a few rehearsals Renee became our fiddler and an Indulger. Fado Irish Pub had just been built next to Coors Field and The Indulgers were asked to become the “house” band. We played every Wednesday night for four years. The band has never been interested in being an “Irish cover band”, and from the beginning we wrote our own music. Playing weekly at Fado’s established a solid fan base and a foundation for our music which is a mix of celtic melody, western vibe (my LA Rodeo influence), and a splash of rock.
The Indulgers have toured all over America and Ireland for sixteen years, playing pubs, city concerts, and festivals from San Francisco to New York City. Pat and Chris retired from the band after twelve years, and my son Aaron who plays bass, and drummer Cheech Mannone stepped in as new Indulgers. Occasionally we are joined by my youngest son Ryan who has become an exceptional guitar player, thanks to guitar lessons from Neale Heywood , who plays guitar with Fleetwood Mac, lives here in Denver, and still acts as co-producer on all The Indulgers records. I am grateful to the friends and fans who continue to support the band, we are still having fun playing, and The Indulgers are currently recording their 8th record. It will be a VA – Video Album – and will be released on DVD and as a phone application. More information on The Indulgers can be found on facebook and the band’s web site at
I no longer have Alley Recording Studios but instead built my own private recording studio called Grapevine Studios, where I record The Indulgers CD’s as well as both of my son’s music projects. This last year Grapevine Studios added a video suite with capabilities of shooting and editing videos. I have been going through old Spirit footage, as well as old Malibu footage, and posting them on Youtube. You can see old videos as well as new videos of The Indulgers by going to Youtube and searching for “Mike Nile“.

June 14 CC Paint1_Ben Reder and Andrew Toole

A residential and commercial paining company isn’t the first company you would think to be spearheading a charity initiative that gives away an important, but often overlooked, chore that can truly change a person’s disposition and attitude. But that is what is happening at Ireland’s Finest Painting Company Inc. “We know that a person’s house isn’t just a place to hang their hat,” says Valerie Moore, Office Manager. “A person’s house needs to be a clean and comfortable place for them to be proud of, share time with their family and recharge their batteries. Unfortunately, there are many people out there that cannot afford to maintain their homes because of employment problems or financial challenges.” It is this reason that Ireland’s Finest holds a contest every spring to give away a free house painting to those in need.
Started three years ago by Ireland’s Finest’s owner Andrew Toole, the Hard Times Soft Hearts contest collects nominations from the Denver community of worthy candidates. These nominees can be people or businesses that are going through some tough circumstances in their lives or choose to spend their own money helping others thus sacrificing creature comforts. Partnering with Benjamin Moore, Ireland’s Finest provides the equipment and labor with Benjamin Moore donating the paint and supplies. In addition to a great paint job, they also make minor repairs to the home or business that can include carpentry, drywall and power washing.
“We treat this charity project just like we would any other customer,” says Ben Reder, Lead Estimator. “We pride ourselves on providing a quality, long lasting job no matter what the circumstances. We want each year’s winner to have a paint job that they can be proud of and will last them for years.”
Inspired by the TV show Home Makeover, Hard Times Soft Hearts is a labor of love for the Ireland’s Finest and Benjamin Moore duo. Although there are many worthy charities that really make a difference, the reason for spear heading their own was a conscious choice by owner, Toole. “We could have put together a charity event, raised a bunch of money and donated it to a local organization, but we wanted to work directly with these people that are in need or sacrifice their own dreams to help their communities,” Toole says. “It is that type of interaction that shows us we are really making an impact in someone’s life that could really help them turnaround their situation.”
Andrew, who hails from County Meath in Ireland, and a few friends caught the entrepreneurial bug and started a business, Ireland’s Finest Painting Company in 1995. As with most small businesses, they initially struggled to get Ireland’s Finest established and fought tooth and nail for every job they won, so Toole is no stranger to struggling both professionally and personally. It is this empathy that was the foundation of the Hard Times Soft Hearts contest. Andrew’s partners have since moved on to different endeavors, but Andrew continues to lead Ireland’s Finest and makes it the success it is today.
Hard Times Soft Hearts will accept nominations through June 30th, 2014 on the Ireland’s Finest website at www.irelandsfinestinc.com. The actual painting of the winner’s house will take place in the fall of 2014.

Jun 042014
Pandora Celtica with SJ Tucker

by Rodger Hara – - –

June 2014 Ceolta Notes (photo: Pandora Celtica)

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Angus Mohr at the Little Bear in Evergreen on the 21st at 9 PM.

The Indulgers are at the Exchange Tavern in Westminster on the 14th at 8:30 PM and at Conor O’Neill’s in Boulder at 10 PM on the 21st.

Brian Clancy is at Jack Quinn’s – Downtown Colorado Springs on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th at 7:30 PM, The Irish Snug – Capitol Hill in Denver on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.

Albannach’s only Colorado appearance this year will be at the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival on the 20th at 6 PM, 21st at 1 and 4 PM and the 22nd at 1 and 3 PM.

Gobs O’Phun plays for the patrons of the Celtic House Pub in Parker on the 21st from 6-10 PM.

Delilah’s Revenge is at the Cheyenne Celtic Musical Arts Festival on the 14th from 4-6 PM, at Jack Quinn’s in Colorado Springs at 9 PM on the 21st. They are at the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival at 7 PM on the 20th, 11 AM and 2 PM on the 21st and 11 AM on the 22nd.

the commoners kick off Mulligan’s first Saturday Irish Music night in Fort Collins with a special guest appearance from the McTeggart Irish Dancers on the 7th at 9 PM. The Guinness Girls will also be giving away free Guinness pint glasses filled with Guinness on the 7th.

On the 21st you can hear Indigent Row play at Mulligan’s at 9 PM.

Mulligan’s Wednesday night sessions have resumed so if you live in the Fort Collins area, stop in and play sometime.

Potcheen entertains gala-goers at 7 PM on the 6th for the 42nd Anniversary Gala of the Sangre De Cristo Art and Conference Center in Pueblo at the Conference Center.

Chancer’s Hooley is in the Gold Hill Inn in Boulder on the 6th at 9 PM, tix $7; the Toad Tavern in Southwest Denver on the 12th at 8 PM, tix $4; at Jack Quinn’s, Colorado Springs on the 20th and Conor O’Neill’s in Boulder on the 28th.

The Mountain Road Ceili Band does their regular after-work gig at The Margarita at Pine Creek in Colorado Springs on the 20th.

The McDeviants open for Albannach at the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival on the 20th at 5 PM then play again at 10 AM and 3 PM on the 21st and 10 AM and 2 PM on the 22nd.

Kevin Dooley with Eric Drobny singing and playing the standup bass is at the Dickens Tavern in Longmont from 6-9 PM on the 4th at the Celtic House in Parker on the 13 from 7-10 PM. Kevin is at the Left Hand Tap House in Longmont from 4:30-7 PM on the 15th, Jamestown Mercantile from 6-8 PM on the 20th and plays for the Niwot Market Community Dinner Series from 6-8 on the 27th.

Ceol Ceili is on stage at the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival at 8 PM on the 20th and 10 AM on the 21st.

Pandora Celtica performs at Denver Comic Con June 13-15 at the Colorado Convention Center. Info at http://denvercomiccon.com/

Skean Dubh makes sweet music the 12th for the Ft Morgan Evening concert in the
City Park Band shell from 6:30 to 8 PM, on the 19th at the Louisville Summer Concert from 7 – 8:30 PM, the 21st at 3 PM for the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival, the 25th in Monument for their Summer concert series in Limbach Park from 7- 9 PM and on the 25th for the Old South Pearl St. Farmers Market from 9 AM – 1 PM.
Chancer’s Hooley is at Jack Quinn’s in Colorado Springs at 9 PM on the 7th, on the Cricket Stage of the Capitol Hill People’s Fair at 5 PM on the 8th and at Katie Mullen’s, Downtown Denver on the 27th at 9 PM.

The Juice O’The Barley will be at Mulligan’s in Fort Collins on the 28th at 9 PM.

Catch Rare Ould Times at the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival at 6 PM on the 20th and at 2 PM on the 21st and 22nd.

Colcannon plays the Longmont Museum, 400 Quail Road on the 25th, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
(303) 651-8374, http://www.longmontmuseum.org/events/concerts/ and is at the Donkey Creek Festival in Gillette, WY on the 29th.

The 2014 Pikes Peak Celtic Festival happens this year from the 20th to the 22nd at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. Featured bands include Albannach, Ceol Ceili, The McDeviants, Skean Dubh, Rare Ould Times and Delilah’s Revenge. There will be Irish Step dancing by the Celtic Steps and Scottish Highland dancing from the Chalet Highland Dancers, heavy Scottish Athletics, WUSPBA Pipe Band competition, Renscots, Devellr Vikings, kid’s attractions, fun, food, merchants, vendors and whisky tasting as part of the festivities. Festival info and ticket prices at http://pikespeakcelticfestival.com/festival-info/ .

Cheyenne 2014 Celtic Logo

Cheyenne Celtic Musical Arts Festival is offered earlier this year and falls on Father’s Day weekend June 13th-15th! Just across the Colorado/Wyoming border (90 minutes from Denver), this festival is Free and held downtown in the plaza in front of the Cheyenne Depot Museum to celebrate Celtic heritage and culture.
Stay after the Fridays on the Plaza and celebrate the start of the 9th annual Cheyenne Celtic Musical Arts Festival! This festival is packed with live entertainment, dancers, pipers, beer, food, artisans and much more! Don’t miss performances by Delilah’s Revenge, Giant’s Dance and The Elders!! Come back on Saturday with the opening of the piper’s procession down Capitol Avenue at 10:00 am and have fun with the whole family all day! Sunday will open with the Kirking of the Tartans and clan row. Visit the vendors and the Clans in the Depot Lobby. www.cheyennedepotmuseum.org
June 13, 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm; June 14, 9:00 am – 11:00 pm; June 15, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Jun 042014
EDUCO jpeg May June 2014

Josh Stewart and Susan Morrice will be back in Denver, fresh from an EDUCO summit in Ireland, to talk to those interested
in learning about the Award winning EDUCO holistic business model. You can meet a few of the companies that have implemented this new model
to increase productivity and overall success for your business and all those involved.
Next meeting is June 14 , 9-11AM at XJET, 8201 InterPort Blvd, Englewood CO.
RSVP Mary Ann Malone [email protected]

JJ Aldrich bw

By Luke Henderson
by Luke Henderson – - – (photo: JJ Aldrich won straw-weight Title May 31 at Conflict 18 in South Carolina)
Colorado fighters tasted more success than failure this month while news about future fights excited the community.
First, Maureen Riordon of FuseBoxe made her successful professional debut at the 1st Bank Center on the Glory Kickboxing 16 card by KO in the third round on May 3. Up next, ‘Babyface’ will be returning to the 1st Bank Center for the next RFA event on July 25 in a professional MMA fight.
Up next, Jason Clayton lost in a controversial fight at PFC6 on May 16 in North Dakota by TKO/referee stoppage in the second round. ‘The Juggernaut’s’ team is contesting the results due to their contention that a number of illegal blows led to the fight’s conclusion. As of writing this there has been no word from the commission on overturning the results.
Finally, amateur fighter of the year JJ Aldrich of 303 Training Center/Grudge found success in South Carolina at Conflict 18, winning the straw-weight title by unanimous decision on May 31.
In other news, Sparta Combat League has announced that fan favorite Jason ‘The Dragon’ Lee will be facing The Ultimate Fighter contestant Adam Stroup on July 18 at their Heat event at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.
Also, the current Colorado Celtic Club winner, Cody Donovan, announced that he will be fighting on the UFC Fight Night card on July 19 in Dublin, Ireland against Nikita Krylov.

Denver Gaels Update

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Jun 012014
June 14 CC Denver Gaels_credit Kinsey Civili

By Sam Westmoreland – - – (photo by Kinsey Civili)

We’re at the mid-way point of the hurling pub league season with five games down already, and the Friday night Gaelic Football League has recently kicked off its 3rd year.

In the hurling league, The Fainting Goat lead the race with four wins in their first five matches, giving them a three-point advantage over second place Dougherty’s, who sit at 3-2. The Celtic Tavern sit third, at 2-3, while The Irish Rover recently got their first win of the season to move to 1-4 in fourth place.

May also saw our Men’s teams travel to tournaments in Chicago and Dallas.
On May 17th, the Gaels’ Junior C hurlers traveled to Chicago for a tournament against the Michael Cusack Hurling Club of Chicago and the Naperville Hurling Club. The hurlers won 2 and lost 2, with only one unnamed player collecting a yellow card on the weekend.

On that same weekend, our men’s Gaelic Football team traveled to Dallas for two matches against hosts Fionn MacCummhaill’s GAA Club. The squad split their two matches with Dallas, with Ron Miller scoring a deciding goal late in one match. The GAA has grown by leaps and bounds in Texas and a split was a very good result for our footballers just starting their season.

Travel has been a big focus this year and will continue into June, as the Rogue Camogs will travel to Atlanta at the start of the month. These travel tournaments give our teams the opportunity to gain valuable experience against other clubs prior to September’s trip to Boston for the NACB championships. Win or lose, these sorts of matches, coupled with our tournament at the Colorado Irish Festival are valuable learning experiences for our teams.

For June, the hurling pub league will resume for the final stretch before we crown a pub league champion at the Colorado Irish Festival. The Gaelic Football season will be in full stride, each Friday evening at the practice field at Infinity Park Glendale. We’ll also be hosting a World Cup watch party when Team USA takes on Portugal on Saturday, June 22. We’ve got a busy month coming down the pipe, and we’re looking forward to continuing our march towards Boston!

Chivas USA v Colorado Rapids

Boulder native Shane O’ Neill scored his first professional goal Saturday, May 24, to help the Colorado Rapids win 4-1 over the Montreal Impact. Playing in front of an enthusiastic home crowd at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, O’Neill intercepted a clearing pass from just outside the penalty area and blasted a shot into the top left corner of Montreal’s goal.

Born in Ireland and raised in Boulder where his family owns Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, O’Neill was signed to the Rapids program his senior year at Fairview High School. During his school days he was a top scorer as a forward and midfielder, but the Rapids have been developing O’Neill as a defender. Last year he took over for injured starting defender Diego Calderon who had an extensive knee injury and never letting go of his spot in the lineup. Also in the past year, head coach Jurgen Klinsmann of the U.S. National Team, called on O’Neill to play center back.

As a defensive player, opportunities to take a shot on the net and score are not frequent – O’Neill relished in the moment. “It’s been a long time coming for me,” O’Neill told reporters postgame. “It felt really good once the ball popped out. I think I had a couple of chances like that last year. I got a good touch on it. Once it left my foot, I kind of had a feeling it was going in. It was great, but more importantly, we got the three points tonight.”

With his first professional score O’Neill also won a friendly wager with his teammate Chris Klute.
“Me and Chris had an agreement that whoever scores first had to buy the other one a video game,” O’Neill said. “We’ve been going back and forth on who would score first.”

Colorado Rapids home games are played at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
6000 Victory Way, Commerce City. June home games are:
6/1 6:00PM vs. Houston; 6/4 7:00PM vs. Chicago; 6/17 7:00PM vs. Orlando City SC;
6/28 7:00PM vs. Vancouver. For complete schedule, updates, and information go to www.coloradorapids.com

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