Colorado Scottish Festival and Rocky Mountain Games August 14 & 15 By Nicole Thomas Now in its 47th year, the Colorado Scottish Festival and Rocky Mountain Highland Games will be hosted Saturday, Aug. 14, and Sunday, Aug. 15, beginning at 9 a.m., at Highlands Heritage Park in Highlands Ranch, Colo. Each year, this community event draws approximately 10,000 people of all ages who come to experience and learn more about authentic Scottish and Celtic heritage, culture, music, dancing, food, history, genealogy and athletics in a family-friendly environment. For the first time, the Colorado Scottish Festival will host the 10th Anniversary Masters World Championships in Scottish athletics. The Championship will feature 114 athletes from seven countries, including one Hall of Fame recipient. Last year”s event was hosted in Inverness, Scotland. Another highlight this year are live concerts Saturday night and Sunday afternoon by Seven Nations, a Celtic rock band that has performed internationally for more than 15 years, including at the Dublin Irish Festival, Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and the New York Marathon. Opening for Seven Nations will be Colorado”s own Angus Mohr, a Celtic rock band that combines Highland bagpipes and Irish whistles with electric guitars, bass, Hammond organ, synthesizers, and rock drums. More than 55 authentic Scottish family clans will be represented at the Festival. The 2010 Honored Clan will be Clan MacInnes, which will host its annual Clan meeting at the Festival. Each participating clan will display its unique coat of arms, tartan, genealogy and other historic items passed down from generation to generation. The Festival is enjoyable for people of any heritage and visitors can attempt to trace their ancestry at the Scots” Heritage Centre that features information on genealogy and Scottish clan history. Other Colorado Scottish Festival attractions include: Pipe, drum and Celtic music performances and competitions, featuring some of the nation”s finest bagpipers Irish Step, Traditional Highland and Scottish Country dancing performances and competitions British dog exhibition and British car show Rugby exhibitions Children”s games and living history exhibitions Scottish-style food and drink, including Haggis tasting The Colorado Scottish Festival ( founded in 1963, is a production of the St. Andrew Society of Colorado. The event is planned and produced entirely by more than 200 volunteers who care deeply about retelling and preserving the Scottish heritage. The tradition of this Scottish event goes back to days of old when rival clans or kings would meet. Competitions were organized beginning in 1819 at the Perthshire estate of Lord Gwydir in Scotland, to keep men-at-arms and camp followers out of trouble, as well as impress rival clans. Memories of these gatherings were brought to America by Scottish ancestors who started hosting similar events more than 125 years ago. The origins of games in the Rocky Mountain West are traced back to Scottish fur trappers, who continued the age-old games traditions in their encampments. Discounted event tickets can be purchased via until Saturday, Aug. 7. Advanced ticket prices are $15 per day for adults, and $10 per day for children age 7-11, kids under 7 free, seniors over 60, and active military personnel. Each ticket includes admission to all Festival activities on a particular day, including music concerts. After Aug. 7, Festival tickets will be sold only at the Festival main entrance and will cost $17 per day for adults, and $12 per day for children age 7-11, seniors over 60, and active military personnel. Free event parking and free shuttle service is available both days of the Festival.

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