For about one-half of the 15 Annual Colorado Irish Festivals, Tom Radcliffe has been involved. Each year as voids appeared and needs became apparent Tom stepped up to take on more responsibility. His ability to take on added challenges led him to the position of festival chairman. It”s not that he set out to be the chairman of the festival. Long before he met his lovely wife Tina, he met and dated a charming lady that was involved in the festival. While their relationship lasted only weeks she hooked him on being involved in the festival. Tom saw the annual Irish extravaganza as an opportunity to get back into festivals, something that he enjoyed so much in his hometown of Seattle. Tom”s CIF adventure started as a go-fer in the general services area”putting up fencing, building stages, and the glamour part- arranging the portable toilets. He moved on to designing the festival layout, analyzing the power needs and negotiating with contractors. He eventually became the head of General Services. Having conquered General Services, he will coordinate the food and merchandise vendors at the upcoming festival at Clement Park in Littleton, July 10-12. With having accomplished so much with the festival it is hard to believe that Tom has 2 other careers”information technology manager at Pridemark Paramedic Services and owner of Total Web Design. He does own a TV but can not recall the last time he turned it on. Tom answers the question”"Why do you participate in the Festival?” “First of all I love the event and I enjoy seeing it get better each year. I work with a group of friendly committed people that give their best. And finally, it is so rewarding at the end of the weekend to see the thousands of guests smiling and enjoying themselves and knowing that I had a small part in creating their happiness.” Kacey O”Connor, CO-President of the Festival, adds” We would be sunk without Tom. He is extremely well-organized, talented and most importantly calm under pressure which is sometimes in short supply with our group.” If you would like to join Tom and the other wonderful people involved in the Colorado Irish Festival please visit the web site and click on get involved. You will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

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