The Hickey”s came across the facility while looking for an investment property to expand their Colorado business interests which include The Celtic Tavern, Delaney”s Bar, and Erin”s Sandwich Shop. “Our first impression when we walked into the building was “Oh my God, this would be perfect for an Irish center or Celtic heritage center.” To get a few more sets of eyes and opinions they called Denver Gaels” Ciaran Dwyer and Martin Concannon and asked them to take a look. They did come and left with the same enthusiastic response as the Hickeys. The facility seemed ideal, with a 3,000 square foot hall and a full commercial kitchen, offices attached and more office space on the second floor, a huge basement, and a half acre garden with a full 1,000 sq. ft. kid”s playground in back. The Hickey”s envisioned the entire ground floor as an Irish center with great meeting space, dancing space, session rooms for musicians. The basement could by used for band practice or performance to smaller crowds. In addition to the main building, there is a 6 bedroom hotel and a cottage. The Hickey”s did have a second sober thought before proceeding with the project. “We started to think of the logistics of trying to get everybody together (Irish/Celtic groups/associations) to try and get the funding and all the rest,” said Noel, “so I just decided, you know what, it would be awful easier if I just bought it myself.” The Hickey”s have begun to lease office space and book events. “There is already a bit of life in there,” said Noel, “The cottage is leased, and we have a general contractor, plumber, architect, Denver Gaels, Erin”s Sandwiches, and AOH (Ancient Order of Hibernians) using office space.” The Hickey”s hope that more folks continue to use the facility for parties” weddings, dances, gigs, anything at all. Noel added, “We have a fully functional kitchen that would be perfect for a catering business.” They are open to most business that would like to be in the building, but Noel stressed, “We would like to create sort of a home for all the Celtic different organizations – without a home you”re always looking for somewhere to hold things, ya know.” “Right now we are just calling it The Celtic Center – it”s going to be called The Celtic Center and Offices,” said Noel about the multi-structure facility located at 1533 Glen Ayr Drive, just north of the 8800 block of West Colfax at the entrance of the Glen Creighton neighborhood. Known simply as “The Glens” because of the Scottish named streets ” Glen Dee, Glen Moor, Glen Garry, Glen Dale, Glen Bar, Glen Gyle, and Glen Ayr ” the area was developed by Cyrus J. Creighton in the early 1920″s when it was just farmland west of Denver. Creighton hired Denver”s leading landscape architect Saco R. DeBoer to design the neighborhood with curving tree-lined lanes intersecting at Creighton Park at the center. It was Denver’s and Lakewood’s first landscaped subdivision with the theme “Glen Creighton is the park for quiet restful homes.” Today The Glens are an ambient enclave of 140 homes on irregular sized lots with eclectic architectural styles reflecting the patchwork growth of Lakewood. And 90 years after its inception, the once Scottish subdivision has “The Celtic Center” as a neighbor. To lease office or kitchen space, or book your event call Noel and Wendy at 720-210-3080 by Pat McCullough

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