Interview with Beth Patterson by Pat McCullough Beth Patterson has a stage presence that has been described by viewers as “a cross between a cobra and a puppy.” No doubt the puppy is for her lovely smile and voice ” and the Cobra? Maybe for her fleet finger action on the fret board ” but more likely to describe her deadly quick sense of humor. Not deadly in the sense that she is trying to hurt anyone ” just deadly sweet irreverence. The Louisiana native is loaded with one liners and quick wit ” on and off the stage. Whether it comes from fact or fiction is irrelevant as long it is absolved by a laugh. Take for example her current ad/flyer for a November 25th concert at Lannie”s Clocktower Cabaret in Denver which reads, “Her music is great, but her cooking sucks!”-Martha Stewart. During a recent phone interview she laughed off what she described as “The bogus quote”" but then the cobra struck. “She totally snubbed my cake, even though it felt like Janet Reno”s boobs she still could have been nice about it ” she snubbed my cake, and said me my cooking sucks, and at Lannie”s Martha and I are going to mud wrestle ” and I”m going to completely kick Martha Stewart”s ass ” Let”s get her out of the kitchen and see how she can do with a microphone and bouzouki!” Since Martha Stewart won”t be there (please read Martha Stewart fans and attorneys) Beth came up with plan B. “Lannie (Lannie Garrett ” performer/owner) walks on stage dressed like Martha Stewart and I say “Martha you dissed my cake and said my cooking sucked” ” and then we both get into a rousing rendition of “Anything You Can Do I Can Do better”. Return of the puppy. Having fun with the cabaret connotation Beth joked, “At Lannie”s Cabaret, I”ll be stripping myself of preconceived notions and genres.” So will there be more puppy or Cobra at Lannie”s? “There has to be a balance of Cobra and puppy ” at times both can be a little more intense”. So is it a part of a performance plan? “It”s not a conscious thing ” people know what they are going to get into when they come to see me. You see the bogus quote ” and people expect something far from domestic.” Beth is back in the studio in the process of recording her 4th CD called “On Better Paths”, which is an anagram of her name. “I”ve got some things like “Hell or High Water”, my post-Katrina song that people have heard that will be on the CD ” but it will be up a couple of notches with intensity. The CD will be cryptic, multi-layered and multi-faceted ” more musically striking. There is going to be more cross pollination ” fusions of Celtic and African more strongly or a lot less subtly than “Take Some Fire” (her 2nd CD). She added with a chuckle, “Less shy musically and lyrically.” Ruff-ruff, Hiss-Hiss Beth Patterson Colorado Gigs: Sunday, Nov 25, 7pm show 6pm doors, Lannie”s Clocktower Cabaret, 16th St. Mall @ Arapahoe in Downtown Denver. 21+ show $12 online at and $15 at door. 303-293-0075. Thursday, Nov 29, 7-9pm, All Ages show Avogadros, 605 S. Mason, Ft. Collins, CO, 970- 493-5555. Note: Beth Patterson”s 4th CD “On Better Paths” is schedule for release in the Spring of 2008 info at

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