Ren Scotts Edgewater 2013

By Rodger Hara – - -

For only the second time in its 19 year history, the Renaissance Scots, the historical re-enactors that portray a Scottish clan in the days before the Battle of Culloden (April 16, 1746) has been invited to participate in the Living History area of the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival in Estes Park, September 4-7.
The Ren Scots are an ideal addition for the Festival, because, as their website puts it, “…we are not portraying actual historic figures but rather bringing the flavor (and odor sometimes) of the times through Living History rather than re-enacting it.”
This year has been dedicated to the memory of Curtis Judd, the first Executive Director of the clan (The Ren Scots are a Section 501(c)(3) private non-profit educational corporation with a full board of directors) who passed away from gastric cancer in November 2013. Curtis and his wife Katte were the first of several couples who met through their shared love of history as Ren Scots members. Curtis and Katte observed the traditional handfasting for a year and a day before they were married in a ceremony replete with kilts and swords. Katte and their three children continue to be active members of the clan.
Darla Landfair, elected Executive Director in 2013, has brought her organizational skills to the clan and created specific roles for members to play in its operations at festivals. Each member chooses a specific part to portray in the clan from weaving to leatherwork to black-smithing. The clan is always seeking new members and as described on their website, “Every talent we have, from sword fighting to spinning wool, is shared among our members. Costuming, leatherwork, even just getting dressed, can be a team effort. Websites, books, news or other articles, are all shared. We are fortunate in the people who are now members…So, regardless of your ethnic background, there is a place for you in The Renaissance Scots, if you’d like to try playing our giant game of Adult “Let’s Pretend.” We can help you with costuming, character…almost anything you need, we have or can find it–or just give you ideas. We have fun. We hope you do, too, when you visit.”
Next year will be the Ren Scots 20th anniversary and it would be a fun time to be part of that celebration. For more information see them at the festival in Estes Park or at the Celtic Harvest Festival in Edgewater, visit their website at or email

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