Denver Gaels Camogs

A Word From the Denver Gaels
by Sam Westmoreland

After a busy, fantastic month of June, the Denver Gaels are ramping things up for a stellar July here in beautiful Denver. June kicked off with our camogie team heading to Atlanta to take part in the Peach Cup tournament. The Camogs played five matches in the sweltering heat and humidity of Georgia in June, winning three and losing two, and getting some great experience playing against other clubs from around the country ahead of September’s national championship tournament.

The Gaels also had a great time at our Night at the Races. We headed to the Celtic Tavern in our best Derby attire, sipped mint juleps and watched some great horse racing. It was a fantastic time, and the Gaels enjoyed some great craic. We also got our hurling pub league back underway after our midseason hiatus, leading up to the Cup final at the Colorado Irish Fest in July.

July might be the busiest month of the year for the Gaels, solely because of the Irish Festival. The Gaels have a huge role in the festival each year, and this year is no exception. We’ll be volunteering in various forms all over the festival, and will be an integral part of the festival’s cultural village, which provides us with a fantastic opportunity to share the sport with a huge audience. But, most importantly, we’ll be hosting our annual invitational tournament for both hurling and Gaelic football during the festival. We’ll be hosting seven teams from all four gaelic sports, which provides a fantastic opportunity to get great experience playing against different teams from around the country. We’ll also be holding our Cup final and Shield final matches for our hurling pub league on Sunday of the festival, giving us yet another opportunity to showcase one of the sports we love.

We also have a social event in July, and our football pub league will keep rolling as we ramp up in preparation for nationals in September. In other words, July figures to be a fun month for the Gaels.

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