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For the past eight years folks have been retreating to Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival in Huerfano County, Colorado, to enjoy an extended weekend of traditional (trad) Celtic music, dance, and camaraderie.
Veterans of the festivals mark their calendars and look forward to return to this truly unique destination and event. Anticipation builds as the festival nears and senses fill with excitement – they can see it, hear it, feel it, smell it and taste it. Soon they will be spending time with some of Celtic music’s hall-of-famers and will also be introduced to emerging artists. They’ll meet up with old friends and make new ones ,because that is what Spanish Peaks is about.
More and more casually interested and novices to the “trad” scene are coming also to experience the Spanish Peaks buzz. Though the Festival is countywide, it is designed as a boutique offering with an a la carte menu. There are plenty free activities as well as ticketed events held indoors and outdoors. You can build a feast of concerts, workshops, and sessions or just sample some of the demonstrations and performances.

Many musicians will arrive early and some take part in the Festival outreach programs for all of the county schools of Wednesday September 25. Official activities begin Thursday, September 26, in Cuchara during the day and Gardner at night. On Friday most of the activities turn to La Veta and Walsenburg. The unofficial opening event is a free picnic/ceili/party at “UpTop” ghost town saloon on old Le Veta pass, noon-3PM, on Friday, the gorgeous drive alone is worth the effort!

Take a drive along the Highway of Legends and spend some unforgettable time in Historic Huerfano County and celebrates the richness of its Autumnal glory in Spanish Peaks country. Whether you come for a day or stay the weekend you’ll be impressed by the quality of musicians, teachers, and programs offered by the fest.

Who/What: 8th ANNUAL SPANISH PEAKS CELTIC FEST & RETREAT w/Tannahill Weavers, Roy Gullane, Phil Smillie, John Martin, Colin Melville, Robbie O’Connell, John Doyle, Chris Newman, Maire Ni Chathasaigh, Park Stickney, Máirtin de Cogain, Duncan Wickel, Cassie and Maggie MacDonald, Ashley Davis, Sean McComiskey, Adam Agee, Jon Sousa, Folk Ragoût , Leslie Anne Harrison, Frédéric Pouille, Arlene Patterson, Christina Tourin, John Crumlin, Jim Remington, Tanya Perkins, Margot Krimmel and more..

When: September 26-29 2013
Where: Huerfano County, Colorado (La Veta, Cuchara, Walsenburg, Gardner)
What: Concerts, Workshops, Sessions, Music, Song, Dance, and Stoytelling!
Cost: Free and paid events ($8-$25)
Discount Advance Reservations available on line at www.CelticMusicFest.com, or call 719-742-5410.
Reservation form is also avail in the center section of this September issue of the Celtic Connection.

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