“Slide… the future of Irish Music” Radio 1, Ireland “They can sing , they can write, they can dance across fingerboards and piano keys, buttons and bows, and by crikey can they play.” Irish Music Magazine SLIDE ” energetic, creative Irish music – named after the liveliest and most exciting of the tune rhythms from the South of Ireland. Consisting of the youngest acclaimed artists from bands that have stretched across a few generations, D” Danann, Stocktons Wing, Liam Clancy’s Band through to Damien Dempsey Band and Dan”, Slide collectively have honed an electrifying fresh sound building on their deep roots and teaching expertise in Irish Traditional Music and are “…taking Irish music to a new place”, said celebrated Irish musician-producer D”nal Lunny, who added, “Their music will touch people far beyond the realm of traditional music” Call Celtic Events at 303-777-0502

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